Humans of Ancient Earth

How Does Community Shape Humanity?


by nickadams268

Dear Diary today was absolutely terrible. First our owners were treating us like crap, more than usual. Also I went out and hunted down and killed a wild hog. I brought it back to my house for us to cook. But I guess the smell got to the Owners and they came and took the whole hog. We are absolutely starving. I can’t believe the Owners treat us like this. I hate Egypt and I hate King Tut. He’s only like 13 I think. He’s younger than me. He’s a little brat. Mom and Dad say he gets everything he wants just because of the family he was born too. He wouldn’t last a day here; he couldn’t do what I’m doing. He is too busy eating cake on Capitol Hill to be doing what I do. Really I wouldn’t care if he died next year at 14. But also I hate that the Owners beat us if we are too weak to carry those dang blocks. We have like hundreds of those ugly pyramids. I was only beaten once. They took me and tied my hands to a tree. They got huge branches and hit me at least 27 times. I quit counting after that. Once I fell down, they untied me from the tree. They dragged me back home. My back was pouring blood as they threw me against my house. When my mom came out screaming about my treatment, they took her and raped her. I heard her telling dad that it was like 20 guys raping her once at a time. I honestly wish they would have killed me when they beat me, because it would be better than living like this. Today our closest friend Carza was taken into the beating fields. He never came back. I use to always ask “why don’t they ever come back?” My mom always told me not to ask. Now I didn’t need to ask. They would die from their injuries. Again another reason I hate those stupid owners. They are the animals. We are all human too.  If we revolt then it would just kill all of us. We have no weapons, and no skilled people to make them. I have heard my mom talking to dad telling dad that she wanted to escape. I hear dad yell that she’s a stupid women and that if we did that, we were asking to die. Again, I really wouldn’t care if they killed us. We finished a pyramid today.  We shouldn’t have to build one for 3 weeks. Thank the gods I won’t be alive for that. I can’t take more beatings, of me, dad, or mom. It’s just too bad that I won’t be able to see King Tut’s death. I also won’t see what happens to the owners. Why can’t they be the ones who are going to go to a field with a rope and hang themselves, like I’m doing? I know I’m just now getting on this, but after I get done writing this I’m going to commit suicide. I’m going to hang myself. I will be in paradise. No more owners, no more beatings, no more losing close friends. I was never meant to be born anyway; I’m a rape baby, so my parents won’t miss me. I don’t have any friends, so there’s no hurting anybody there. I don’t see any reason to keep on living, and just keep bringing on sadness. The owners are going to be happy when they find me. I can see the smug look as they laugh at my corpse hanging there. But there will be fewer mouths to feed for my family, so my parents can eat more.  Also the owners will lose a helping hand. They’re going to miss me when I’m gone.

Nick Adams



by briannanolden

Dear Diary,

Even after a long, hard, hot day with very little rest, I woke up very early this morning, before the sunrise.  As always, the cold night would quickly change to a blazing hot day.  Having been born and raised in Egypt, I am use to this kind of weather but sometimes I dream of living where the weather is not so extreme.   My family and I are very fortunate to live very close to the Nile River in the Black Land.  There are many upsides to living so close to the Nile, such as being able to get water without long walks and living close to the trade market.  However, there are also downsides to living so close to the Nile River. There are times when the river floods too much and destroys homes, crops, and many other things that are valuable to our lives.  Yet my family relies on this flooding because without it we could not grow our barley and emmer wheat.  We our very thankful for the Nile River.  We even sing to worship to the Nile River every night before our day ends.  On this particular day, I was in charge of trading some of our wheat, flax, and papyrus in order to get a beautiful vase for my mom for her birthday tomorrow. Shortly after I woke up, I quickly went outside and gathered a basket full of crops, and then headed out for the river.  As I said earlier, my family and I live close to the Nile River, so I only had to walk a mile or two.  I’ve had to walk to the river for many reasons before so I was use to this walk.  I had to wait a while for the boats that had tradable goods to show up.  So I just sat by the river putting my feet in it and drawing in the sand.  It was a pain having to wait this long in the sun though.  It was packed by the river today, it seemed like everyone needed something from the trading market.  When the boats arrived I went to the man who was celling pottery and gave him the whole basket full of crops in exchange for this beautiful medium size base I know mother would love.  It was the most wonderful vase I’ve ever seen; no wonder he wanted the whole basket of crops!  When I got back to the house father hid mother’s present that we will give her later tonight.  I went out to the field to help with the crops.  About 30 minutes into the work I was already sweating and dying of thirst.  Today just felt like the hottest day ever!  I had to help plow the field, plant crops, and gather crops.  It was an all day job.  As you already know, being farmers, my family and I are part of the lower class in our civilization so we are used to having to work very hard.  My family and I are very poor so getting a present, such as the vase my mom is getting, for our birthday’s is something very special and it’s something we treasure forever.  All I could think about was tonight.  Tonight, when the village gets together and sings to the Nile.  Oh, how I love it when we sing together, we all sound so beautiful; it’s something I look forward to everyday.  But, today my friend couldn’t be out in the field with me, and she probably won’t sing tonight either.  She is suffering from a dental disease.  Her name is Alana.  Me and Alana have been friends since we were 5.  We would always go swimming together, work together, and always sat next to each other at worship.  I have no idea what I would do without her; that’s why her disease is scaring me.  I want her to die old, not young with still so much to live for.  Many young children die in our village because of the dangerous high temperatures and poor conditions.   After I got finished with all my work in the field I went to go visit her.  She was in much pain, but she was happy to see me.  She didn’t talk much; I don’t blame her because I know how much pain she is in.  My grandmother had a dental disease before she passed away.  She would hurt so bad she would cry, and there wasn’t much we could do to help heal the pain or her teeth.  Any know medicine for us to help her was very far away.  So, Alana and I just drew pictures and went outside and walked around.  She was a little upset not being able to go sing at worship tonight.  I told her that things would be fine and she could just always watch.  For the rest of the day I helped my mother cook.  It took a lot of time to cook, so many steps, and so many ingredients.  No wonder my mom doesn’t always cook a big meal, but today was her birthday so she wanted all her favorites.  My mother was very happy that I helped her cook.  Even though I messed up a few things she would calmly fix it and go back to doing what she was doing.  She tried talking me into telling her what her gift was, but she knew I would never tell.  Later that evening, after we all ate, my father and I gave mom her present.  She smiled so big and said she loved it and that it was very beautiful and thanked us very much.  I knew she would love it, and I was happy that my mom was happy.  I love my family very much, and when their upset, I’m upset.  I will do almost anything for my family, friends, and village.  We are very close in our village and try to help out each other as much as we can.  Now it was time for the village to gather around to worship the Nile.  It was very cold outside now; it felt so refreshing! I love the night time weather!   You are probably wondering why we worship the Nile even though it is just a river.  In Egypt the Nile literally means life or death to us.  The Nile helps harvest our food; we build gutters around the fields of crops so when the Nile floods it shall go straight for the crops to water them.  Also, the Nile gives us water to drink, and bath from.  Without the Nile I do not see how we could survive.  Tonight we sang the “Hymn to the Nile”:

Hail to you, oh Nile

Spring from the ground, come to keep the land alive…

Who floods the fields that Ra [the sun god] has created to make all animals live…

Who produces barely and makes wheat grow,

That the temples might be in festival.


If he is sluggish, noses suffocate,

           Everyone is impoverished….

If he rises, the land is an exultation,

          And everyone is in joy. 


The “Hymn of the Nile” is one of my favorite songs.  Oh how I smiled tonight listening to the beauty in everyone’s voice.  We then all said a prayer thanking the Nile for harvesting our crops and keeping us alive.

 (Brianna Nolden)


by jacariabrazle

November 1, 221 BCE

Dear diary, Hi, I’m Jacaria. I’m 16 years old, my mom is a gather and my dad is a hunter. We live China. I don’t like here because we have a lot of wars. I also don’t like here because we don’t have anything to trade for food. We also don’t have many crops because of the season. I have two brothers and one sister, and we always have to share what dad kills, because there never enough food to go around for people. I’m the smart one in the family. So here is a little information about China is where “We” live. China‘s history is ruled by powerful families called dynasties. We are run by a feudal system. We have the longest lasting empire in history. It was run by civil serves officials who ran the cities. In school we learned that China is official is known as the People’s Republic of China.

November 27, 221 BCE

Just a few days ago my dad got called in for a war with the Qin dynasty. I really don’t want him to go, but he is a man that’s what he supposed to do I guess. My mom is very sad, I think she don’t want him to go because she’s going to miss him like me, my sister and my brothers. Or she could me sad about me end up died like my uncle in the last war, when I was little. I’m kind of scared of that too. But I’m a big girl now and I will understand. It’s all for us to leave better. Well that what mommy said. But also sometimes she’s wrong, but I don’t tell her because I think that’s rude and also disrespectful. So I just go with the flow until she notices her mistakes.

December 6, 222 BCE

Dad and mom were talking about the Qin Dynasty. Dad said it the war was going last for at least 15 years. It is one the most famous dynasties in ancient Chinese history. Qin, our Emperor is running the dynasty with absolute control. Want to know a little history about Qin? Well he is the first man to control China. He is a legalist. A legalist believes that people are basically bad. He also developed a system of bureaucracy, so that he could control every minute of people lives. He also divided his empire into 36 provinces. Each had two government officials in charge of it. They had to be two so they could keep an eye on each other. Qin also developed a spy system, so that all people kept an eye on each other. Spies were rewarded very well. Qin had great power. His system of organization gave him complete control. He used that control to make the huge changes he felt China desperately needed to protect herself.

December 15, 223

Dad leaves tonight. I’m really sad. I told him that I love him and everything will be okay. He said he knows. We really didn’t get talk how I thought we were because of too much crying with my little sister and brother. My oldest brother was also sad because he knew he was next. But he wasn’t showing any pain or feelings that he was sad. I know he is sad because he didn’t say much. I know later while everybody is sleep he’s going to cry. I don’t know why he doesn’t show his pain. I think he think that we are going to laugh or make fun of him or something. I don’t know why he would think that either but he is just an emotionally person. He’s more like my dad than my mom. My mom just says whatever she feels whenever she feels like it, and I’m more like her than anybody else in my family.

December 18, 223

It’s has only been three days since dad has been gone. It feels like forever though. I miss him very much. His is going to be proud of both my brothers. My oldest brother killed a doe, and my little brother pointed it out. Mom left this morning to go milk the cows for a pint of milk and clean water. Mom told us last night that dad can send letters every two days. We haven’t received one yet but hopeful that mail will come tomorrow. I hope he could send a letter every day. To keep us updated, and tell us however thing is.

December 19, 223

Dad’s letter came! I’m very happy; I can’t open it until everybody wakes up. I and mom are the only people up. Mom is making deer soup for breakfast that was killed the other night. Even though dad deer soup is good mom deer soup is the best. Everyone is awaked now and it’s time to read the letter.

Dear family, 

I miss all of you ever much. I want be able to come home until the war is over. We really don’t know when the date is. I hope it’s soon. I will keep in touch as much as I can. I don’t have as much free time as I did at home. But it is really scary out here, you never know when it’s your time to get called out and battle. Ten people have already died from a bomb. I think it’s going to be okay, you just have to play the right cards. This means you have to watch the other the others just like they are watching you and kill them when they are aiming at someone else. Love you guys and I hope everything goes okay. I have to go I’ll mail you again on 23 of the month.  Bye …


When mom read the note I was ever depressed. I also wanted to write him back but mom told me he was not going to receive it. So I just went in my room and cried myself to sleep.

January 27,224

We got a letter from the person who sends off the letters from the Qin Dynasty. Mom read:

I’m sorry to say David Lee Brazle is dead. He was killed by bomb. We are very sorry to say this; we couldn’t let you down easy. Everything thing will be okay. We will supply food and clean water for three years for you and your family. This is the only right thing we can do. If there’s anything you need please write us back so we can help.


February 17,224

Dad is gone and I haven’t been writing in my journal. Nights like this I think about it, because I miss him and know I know he is gone forever. I’m older and I understand.

Nick Adams

by nickadams268

In the first battle-sequence, Anzu gains the upper hand by using his Ellil-power to disassemble any of Ninurta’s arrows before they can approach Anzu and Anzu has the power to release and return his own feathers as a smokescreen (using the phrase “Wing to wing” to employ this power). Ninurta then consults with Ea, god of wisdom, who advises that Ninurta disguise his own arrows as though they were Anzu’s feathers, and to time his shooting to coincide with Anzu’s use of his “super-power” (emitting and recalling his feathers).  all the information is from this website (Nick Adams)



by jacariabrazle

Apparently Olmec  had gods, or at least powerful supernatural being, which were worshipped or respected in some way.

Jacaria Brazle

Yellow River Valley

by briannanolden

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The Chinese believed in P’an ku, who was a mythical Chinese ancestor believed to be born from a “Cosmic Egg”. When he was born, he separated Yin and Yang into sky and earth, and received assistance from 4 animals: the dragon, the unicorn, the phoenix, and the tortoise.

(Brianna Nolden)


by briannanolden


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In ancient times, boats traveling upstream against the Nile current used a sail or rowers or both.  Boats traveling downstream to the north often just floated with the help of steering oars.

(Brianna Nolden)